A Bible a Day Makes the Sick Soul Away

Everyone needs an inspiration to live by and survive. An inspiration that is larger than their problem, a source of strength that has no boundaries. Therefore everyone needs to know about the word of God. The word of God as written in the Holy Bible is the beginning of all knowledge, the fear of the lord does the same too. There is reason why every church leader encourages their subordinates to follow the world of Christ and read the Bible every day.

First of all, reading the Bible fuels one’s faith. Without daily Bible reading your faith will backslide. Every follower of Christ must always seek to learn virtues and truth as what written in the Bible. If you want to keep the fire in your heart burning, if you always pray that you may never run out of wisdom to fill your cup, you need to commit yourself into reading the Bible daily.

Second of all, reading the Bible is a form of praying and worshipping. It strengthens not just your faith but your relationship to God. By reading His gospels and teaching embedded in the Bible’s story, you discover a little truth each day – truth that will help you to overcome the day’s trial and the rest that will follow. If you do this, you are showing importance to God who is your creator. Reading the Bible is like an act of service to Him, and committing to it will bear nothing but goodness for your soul and your life.

Reading the Bible provides you an assurance. It’s clear from the beginning that your passport to an eternal life is through Christ and it can only be attained when you read the Bible every day. It’s like a hedge fund. It has to have good investment to make it successful. If you want to secure a slot in heaven, reading the Bible will provide you all access for free. Check out GOD TV for more.

Which comes the next point, reading the scripture is free. And yet a lot of people still fail to make a portion of their day dedicated for this. You need to make a change in your life today. The Bible will help you and guide all the way through the gates of heaven. Of course, you will need assistance from others and there are also platforms in which you can get inspiration from with. Read the Bible that’s the only thing there is so see page for more.

At https://www.reference.com/article/one-year-bible-reading-plans-5aa678dde71d2d76?aq=reading+the+bible&qo=cdpArticles  you could find other related stories.

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